Ecological Solutions for Linear Infrastructure


Ecology and Infrastructure International conducts research and consulting activities in two primary areas of expertise: Urban Ecology and Road Ecology.

The Director, Dr Rodney van der Ree is recognised globally for his expertise in quantifying and mitigating the negative ecological impacts of development. He has conducted projects across Australia and internationally, and has provided specialist advice for the European Union, the Wildlife Institute of India, The World Wildlife Fund, The Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa and the Swedish Transport Administration. He is a co-chair of the Transport Working Group of the IUCN Connectivity Conservation Specialist Group. Rodney was Deputy Director of the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and The University of Melbourne until 2016. In that capacity, he undertook research and outreach on urban ecology, with a focus on arboreal marsupials, flying-foxes and micro-bats in urban areas. Rodney remains an Adjunct Associate Professor within the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne and has continued active research in urban ecology and road ecology.

Rodney established EII in late 2016, and has undertaken projects across eastern Australia, Africa and Sweden for all levels of Government and private industry. Rodney has established strong collaborative links with other experts in their fields to provide a complete ecological consultancy service. More details of projects and expertise will be coming soon.

In the meantime, please contact to see if EII can be of any assistance.




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