Global Guidelines Project


The Global Guidelines Project

Increasing Accessibility to Road Construction Guidelines and Standards to all the World.

90% of new roads on earth will be built in developing countries and most will lack adequate ecological safeguards. To help remedy this, we are seeking ecological and environmental guidelines on all aspects of road planning, design, construction and maintenance from around the world and making them freely available here. This simple initiative has the potential to transform linear infrastructure globally by providing governments and developers with knowledge to build more ecologically-friendly infrastructure. These resources will also help those who approve and fund linear infrastructure proposals by allowing them to evaluate whether the projects have achieved global best practise.

Are there guidelines that you use or know of that are not yet listed here? Please email a PDF of them to so they can be uploaded and made freely available.

Over time, this website will be enhanced with search options and other features to make the resource more complete and easy to use. If you have ideas or suggestions, or want to support the project financially, please email Rodney.

This project is part of a global initiative to develop a single set of guidelines that represent global best practise.